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A Turkish Delegation Visits the Port of Aden
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
On Thursday, January 19, 2017 a Turkish delegation sent by the Turkish government paid a visit to the Port of Aden to assess the critical needs of the Port. The Chairman of YGAPC Mr / Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah has met with the Turkish delegation and expressed his thanks and appreciation for their support to the Port of Aden, which is part of the support plan for the legitimate government of Yemen from the Turkish government and its people for their brothers in Yemen. The Executive Chairman Deputy, Eng. / Abdulrab Jaber Al-Khulaqi has briefed the delegation during the field visit to all port facilities with a detailed explanation of the damages suffered by the port in its infrastructure and the emergency needs that would enable it to provide basic services to its customers. For his part,the head of the Turkish delegation emphasized the commitment of the Turkish government to provide the necessary support for the Port of Aden to carry on its activities as the gateway of Yemen to the world.
   Date :  1/20/2017 2:03:18 AM

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