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During His Visit to the Port..the President of the Republic praises YGAPC leadership
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The President of the Republic , Marshal Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi on Saturday, January 21, 2017 paid a field visit to the Port of Aden Container Terminal during which he was briefed on the progress of work activity at the terminal, the visit coincided with the presence of the ship carrying the electric generators for Aden. The President was recieved by the Executive Chairman of YGAPC Mr. Mohamed Alawi Omzarbah together with Mr. Arif Hassan Al-Shaabi, the  General Manager of APDC. The President praised the efforts exerted by the port leadership and staff particularly during the aggressive war on Aden and its effective contribution in handling relief and aid cargo for Yemen and the return of commercial activity immediately following the liberation of the city of Aden. The President of the Republic entrusted the port of Aden role in the economic development of the Republic of Yemen, considering the Port of Aden, the main port in the Republic of Yemen. The Chairman of YGAPC expressed his thanks to the President of the Republic for the field visit and great concern for the Port of Aden , especially his support for the grant allocated for the port by the Republic of Turkey , which includes supplying the port with a tug and electric generators. The Chairman also noted that the directions of the President of the Republic for normalizing  the customs tariffs in all Yemeni ports would sustain and revive ship traffic through the Port of Aden and increase trade and economic activity in the Republic of Yemen. The Chairman confirmed that the customs issue has been directed by the Prime Minister  to the Minister of Finance for approval and is expected to be issued in the next few days.
   Date :  1/22/2017 9:20:18 AM

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