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The Executive Chairman of YGAPC inaugurates the Maritime Training Center
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
On Thursday, 15/08/2017, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC Mr. Moh'd Alawi Amzerbah, inaugurated the Maritime Training Center after its rehabilitation with a total amount of YR 12,000,000. At the ceremony, the Chairman said that the Maritime Training Center is considered one of the centers that should be taken care of as a training unit for all staff in the maritime field. He pointed out that the center was affected and damaged due to the unjust war on the government of Aden. The Chairman expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted by the employees of the Corporation in the rehabilitation process. He also confirmed that the Center will provide in the coming period courses in marine, technical, engineering and many other aspects. The Executive Chairman, accompanied by a number of the concerned officials have inspected the building of the Center and its sections and departments.
   Date :  8/20/2017 12:28:19 AM

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