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A Clarification of what happened on the ٍShip Assad Al-Din
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
Captain Ahmed Al-Bishi, the Manager of Maritime Operations at YGAPC, clarified what happened on the ship Assad Al-Din, which was in international waters and carried passengers towards Somalia. One of the ship engines was damaged. The Port of Aden had an unanswered distress call and the control crew was surprised that the crew of the ship were not able to send the distress call as required for such cases, which forced the alternating crew in the control to train the crew of the ship to send a distress request and protection. Two boats got the call one was Japnses and the other Korean, but they did not agree to complete the rescue mission to the limits of the port due to the security situation according to their statement. The Manager of Marine Operations at the Corporation explained that the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Mohammed Alawi Amzerba, has followed the matter directly. The Coast Guard has been approached to assist in this regard, but we were surprised that there are no large warships suitable for such tasks and situations, small ones are operating in the port area. Therefore, they have communicated with captain Ali Awad – The Manager of Oil Harbor, who ordered the tug "Noor Aden" with its crew to move, and the Corporation provided a pilot. The ship "Assad Al-Din" was safely towed and anchored at Ma'alla berths. The Manager of Marine Operations expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Coalition Forces, the Corporation leadership and the Refinery Department and the Oil harbor who contributed to the success of this mission.
   Date :  9/12/2017 1:06:02 AM

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