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Honoring participants in the training course for security of ships and water facilities
    Auther: Marketing & Planning Depts.  
On Sunday 3/12/2017, a ceremony was held at Ma'alla Wharves for honoring participants in the training course at the Port of Aden, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerbah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC, and Brigade/ Shalal Ali Shayea, the Director of Aden Governorate Security, on the occasion of the conclusion of the training course "The International Code of Security on Ships and Water Facilities (ISPS. The Executive Chairman of YGAPC Amzerbah and Shalal Ali Shaea gave a speech in which they referred to the importance of rehabilitation and training for the security officers in the port. Coordination and joint cooperation between the Port of Aden and the security of Aden governorate continues in all joint aspects, the most important of which is the rehabilitation of individuals and security officers which is considered the first step in the right way to raise the level of readiness of security for individuals and officers in dealing with local and foreign companies and institutions at the Port of Aden. They mentioned in their speech that the Port of Aden was supported with modern systems including fingerprint and monitoring network. Mr.Shubaji stressed that the training course will give the participants new skills that add success to their success expressing his thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC and the Director of Aden Security for their efforts in making the session a success. He thanked Captain Riyad Baajaman, the Director General of Maritime Safety at the Maritime Affairs in Aden and Mr. Afif Mehdi, Deputy General Manager of the Maritime Training Center at the Corporation. The Chairman of YGAPC and the Director of Aden Security honored 51 participants in the training course. Aden Security Director, Brigade/ Shalal Ali, also honored Dr. Mohammed Alawi Amzerabah, Chairman of YGAPC with a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his efforts to rehabilitate individuals and security officers in the Port of Aden.
   Date :  12/4/2017 11:57:18 PM

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