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The Port of Aden recovers a 500-year-old archaeological cannon
    Auther: Marketing& Information Depts.  
The staff of the Technical Affairs Department in the port of Aden has recovered the archaeological cannon sank at the bottom of the sea behind the mountain of Seera Castle within the societal contribution to the port of Aden. The cannon is considered one of the famous cannons that were installed in the vicinity of Seera Castle since the presence of the Ottomans in Aden in 1548 AD, with a weight of 33 tons and 4 meters length. It was dropped from the top of the mountain to the sea during the period of the Houthi war in Aden in 2015. The leadership of the Corporation praised the efforts of its staff and technical workers in accomplishing the task as required in recovering the archaeological cannon from the sea floor in the vicinity of the castle of Sirah and directed the handing of the cannon to the official authorities. The port leadership emphasized its interest in the active community participation and contribution for the city of Aden and gives attention and priority to preserving our ancient heritage and cooperation with all local and international institutions and organizations interested in preserving the heritage and history of the city of Aden rich in its cultural diversity throughout the ages.
   Date :  3/10/2020 1:47:22 AM

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