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YGAPC Participates in workshop (12) on the Law of the Sea and International Agreements
    Auther: Marketing & Information Depts.  
The activities of the 12th workshop on "the Law of the Sea and International Agreements" were concluded on Monday, 9th of March 2020, which was organized by the Foundation of Supporting Civil Democratic Orientation (Mada) in coordination with the "Renewal for Development and Democracy" organization, and with support from the United Nations Development Program under the project "Supporting the Judicial and Security Agencies in Yemen", which continued during the period 07-09 March 2020. The workshop was presented and managed by Judge Shaif Al-Shaibani - Director of Studies Department in the Office of Public Prosecutor, and a welcome speech was given on the first day of the workshop by Judge Faheem Abdullah Al-Hadrami - Member of the Supreme Judicial Council - President of the Court of Appeal - President of the Renewal Organization for Development and Democracy . The timetable of the workshop during its three days included the submission of working papers and interventions on "familiarity with the provisions of public international law and the extent of their impact on the national judiciary", "seizure and conditions of ships", "coverage of marine safety elements, means of combating port pollution, the right to protect territorial waters and combating marine smuggling of all kinds, the role of the Coast Guard in securing the safety of refugees and illegal immigrants to Yemen, "in addition to" a research paper on maritime trade law and international agreements, their applications and international trade methods ", with a screened film on regional and international water issues, as well as rights and disputes regarding this among countries. Dr./ Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah - the Executive Chairman of YGAPC participated in the second day of the workshop by presenting a working paper (presentation) titled "The experience of the Port of Aden as a model (obstacles .. difficulties .. and solutions") in which he reviewed the importance of the port of Aden and its current status and achievements realized through self-efforts, difficulties and obstacles facing the port, and comparing the level of development of the port with neighboring ports, which have made great progress in the aspects of expansion and development and attracting international shipping lines. The method of open discussion and commentary of the various interventions and working papers submitted by the participants has been followed individually and as working groups in their different groups and their destinations, including judges, lawyers, presidents, members of the prosecution, and directors of general departments of maritime affairs. On the last day of the workshop, a violation case related to marine pollution was discussed and opinions and provisions on it were put in place by different working groups, and conclusions and recommendations were developed for the workshop and filling out evaluation forms for it by the participants, and then distributing certificates of appreciation by the organizers and supporters of the workshop. It is worth noting that the organizers and supporters of this workshop - mentioned above - have already organized (11) previous workshops in the aspects of drug crime,corruption, money laundering, human trafficking, freedom of expression, international judicial cooperation, standards and guarantees of fair trial, crimes of internet and electronic piracy, international judicial cooperation and its role in crime fighting since October 2019 till now. Ms. Zainab Ahmed Mulhi - Deputy Chairman Assistant for Legal Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Majeed Obaid - Adviser of the Executive Chairman on Legal Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Muthanna Ahmed Al-Ammari - General Manager of Planning, Marketing and Information, Ms. Fatima Saleh Abdullah - Deputy General Director of Planning, Marketing and Information have attended and participated in the workshop from YGAPC side.
   Date :  3/10/2020 5:02:58 AM

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