Port Description
The Port of Aden is situated between the promontories of Aden (Jebel Shamsan, 553 m) and Little Aden (Jebel Muzalqam, 374 m) and is protected from the NE and SW monsoons by these hills and along the northern boundary by land, enabling it to operate without restriction all year. The harbour covers an area some 8 nm east-west and 3 nm north-south.

The port consists of the outer harbour, providing anchorage areas, the oil harbour at Little Aden on the west side of the harbour, and the inner harbour to the east. These harbours are reached by a channel from the entrance mid-way between the promontories. The outer section of the channel has a depth of 16.0 m. From the bifurcation point, a channel heading north west to the Little Aden oil harbour has a depth of 14.7 m, leading to four berths for oil tankers at depths of between 11.6 and 15.8 m, alongside LPG and dry cargo berths, and a RoRo berth, all at a depth of11.0 meters.

The channel to the inner harbour, leading north east from the bifurcation point, has a least depth of 15.0 m. The inner harbour has 9 alongside berths, plus 6 buoy and 3 bunkering (dolphin) berths with depths between 5.5 and 11.9 m. On the north side of the inner harbour, the Aden Container Terminal (ACT) provides 700 meters of quay, depth alongside 16.0 meters (completed in March 1999). Off the ACT is a turning area, depth 15.0 m, diameter 700 m. At the eastern end of the inner harbour, a short channel of depth 11.0 m leads to the Ma'alla Terminal, with 4 contaisner/general/bulk berths of total length 750 m, depth 11.0 m., and a RoRo berth depth 7.6 m. At the eastern end of this terminal is the Home Trade Quay, 250 m long, depth 6.7 m . The inner harbour also contains a fishing harbour and a ship repair yard with two floating docks.

The inner harbour is protected by a short breakwater at Ras Marbut, where the harbour control tower is situated. The Harbour Master's office is in the tower.
50,000 tone capacity bulk silos and a flour milling plant have been constructed at Ma'alla (1999).

Structural Port Essentials
Statement Area Measurement Unit
Maximum Length of the Inner Harbor 7 Kilometer
Maximum Length of the Outer Harbor 12 Kilometer
Maximum Width of the Inner Harbor 5 Kilometer
Maximum Width of the Outer Harbor 9 Kilometer
Length of Approach Channel 15 Meter
Depth of Approach Channel 15 Meter
Total Port Area 131 Square Kilometer
Water area 129 Square Kilometer
Land Area 2 Square Kilometer
Total Container Yards Area 45 Hectare
Total Open Storage Yards Area 85 Hectare
Total Closed Storage Yards Area 4.8 Hectare
Tanks Area (Various Oil Accommodating Tanks) Number of Tanks in Various Places

Productive Port Essentials
Statement Capacity Quantity/Average
Total Maximum Designed Capacity for Cargo Handling(accommodating) 5.5 Million Tons/Year
Maximum Length of the Outer Harbor 12 Kilometer
Maximum Designed Capacity for Cargo Handling(TEU) 1,000,000 TEU/Year
Cargo Handling average 1500 TEU/Day
Average of Loading and unloading of General Cargo 11,900 Tons/Day
Office working Hours (For Operations 24/24) 8 - 12 Hour/Day