All Providers for the Ship Chandlers  Service
Country + City code: 00967 2 ######  

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Company NameContact NamePhoneFaxMail
Al-Mansoob for Ship SupplyingAhmad Abdulatif Al-Mansoob 202910237912mansoob @ yemen .
Al- Waleed for Ship SupplyWaleed Mohammed
Khaled Mohammed HussainKhaled Mohammed
Abu Ali Shipping Co.Ahmad Mohmmed Abdullah
Anwar Salim Lardhy for Ship Chandling Anwar Salim Lardhy
Nageeb AhmedNageeb Ahmed204232203987 
Maher Baharoon for Trading, Import & Export Maher Omar
Sea Breeze Company for Agencies & Shipping Services Salah Mohmmad
Alfanar for Chandelling ServicesFanar Ahmed Bin Ahmed Zokari735595772733717113 
Mubarak Alkheer CompanyMubarak Ahmed Mohmmed Moqbel777754822