Around 200 yachts called Aden in 2008, reflecting the growing worldwide interest in sailing by people of all ages. Aden is directly on the route between the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal, and is able to provide a number of services for yachts. At anyone time up to 35 yachts can be seen in the harbour, greatly enhancing !he attraction of what is already a very beautiful location. Entry and departure procedures are deliberately kept simple. At the harbour master's discretion, Aden does not charge smaller yachts (of up to 100 tons( port dues, regardless of length of stay. Yachts contribute to the national economy through the purchase of fuel oil, supplies, and the use of restaurants, internet cafes and other facilities.
A number of yacht owners also take the opportunity to tour parts of the country, generally travelling to Taiz' or Sana'a by bus or plane. Owners and crew members leaving their yachts for inland travel must obtain a visa for Yemen. Some yachts carry out repair and maintenance work, including mechanical and electrical repairs, hull cleaning and painting, when at Aden.

There are at present no marina facilities at the port and yachts anchor in good holding ground off the passenger terminal (also known as the Abkari or Tourist Pier) in water depths of2.5 6.0metersbelowchartdatum,roughlybetweentheSailor'sClub200meterswestofthe passenger terminal, and Flint Island.
Yachts are advised that anchor cables leading to harbour mooring buoys are laid in parts of this area and that yacht anchors are sometimes snagged on these cables. Some disused pipelines also exist in the area. On either side of the Coastguard Base an exclusion zone is established in which yachts should not drop anchor in order to avoid interfering with the departure of coastguard craft. These craft must sometimes leave their base rapidly.
Yachts wishing to take on fuel at Aden use the Aden Bunkering Department jetty, with a depth alongside of 1.5 meters at chart datum. Yachts can arrange with the immigration authorities for crew members to join and leave yachts at Aden. The immigration authorities maintain an office at the tourist pier.