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The inauguration of a 2.8-meter generator at Aden Container Terminal

December 10, 2018

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Saleh Al-Gabwani, and the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Mr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerbah inaugurated the operation of the new generator at Aden Container Terminal to increase the generating capacity of the terminal to reach 17 MW in order to enhance the navigation activity of the station.

During the inauguration ceremony, His Excellency the Minister of Transport said that the inauguration of the operation of the generator at ACT coincides with the modernization of handling equipment at the container terminal.

The Minister pointed out that the container terminal was supplied during the year with 12 large trailers with a load capacity of 80 tons, and two mobile cranes for full containers and two for handling empty containers, for the aim of increasing the number of containers handled at the terminal until the end of this year to more than 400 ) compared to the number of containers last year which reached (320) thousand containers.

The Minister praised the efforts exerted to implement development projects at the port of Aden and improve maritime and navigational services, adding that the ministry will adopt in the next two years expansion plans, which include the provision of an additional gantry crane and the provision of a tug with a force of 65 tons to help facilitate the anchoring of vessels as well as marine buoys to facilitate the entry and exit of vessels around the clock.

For his side, the Executive Chairman of the Corporation stressed the importance of increasing the number of generators at ACT to increase the efficiency of electricity. He also pointed out that the port of Aden pays great attention to modernization projects, development and replacement of all equipment and training of personnel to achieve the highest level of services related to maritime transport. He also mentioned the statistics of Aden port activity during the years 2015-2018. Noting that the port handled more than one million containers and more than 8 million dry cargo from 21 July to 30 November 2018.

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