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The Director of World Food Program visit to the Port of Aden

September 20, 2018

Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzerba, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC has met on Wednesday, the 19th of September 2018, Mr. Mohamed Ali Mahmoud, the Director of World Food Program Office in Aden. During the meeting they discussed the activities of the World Food Program in delivering aid and relief items and the need for many warehouses and yards at Ma’alla Wharves and Aden Container Terminal (Caltex), due to the arrival of many goods and containers, especially after the transformation of activity from the port of Hodeidah to the port of Aden because of the current conditions at the port of Hodeidah, noting the need of help from the customs to facilitate the passing of aid and relief items allocated to Aden and other Yemeni governorates. The Executive Chairman confirmed the readiness of the Port Management to provide all facilities and capabilities of the Port of Aden to assist the World Food Program in its mission to serve the population in Aden and all Yemeni governorates. It was agreed that applications and contracts would be submitted by the Program to the Corporation for consideration and signing as soon as possible. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ahmed Muthanna Al - Ammari, the General Manager of Planning, Marketing and Information Dept. at YGAPC.

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