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A response on the Port of Aden cancellation threat from the list of authorized ports

July 3, 2018

The information department of the port of Aden reviewed a number of false news about the cancellation of the port of Aden from the list of authorized ports, which may be because the writer ignorance of marine transport . If the author of the false article talks about the deletion of the port of Aden from the list of ports then which port will grant the entry permit if it is not the port of Aden. The article attributed its release to a navigational source related to one of the international shipping companies in London, which was not named by the writer and will not be able to name it because what he claims is unreal. The information department of the port of Aden is not surprised by what has been published, especially since the battle for the liberation and disinfection of the city of Hodeidah has become close and almost resolved despite the desperate attempts by the coup forces to prevent the cleansing of Hodeidah and its return to the rule of Yemeni people. They use human to protect their personal interests in maintaining the port of Hodeidah and ensure that it remains under the control of terrorist groups and coup forces to pass the weapon and use it to kill Yemeni people instead of using the port and its potentials to serve the citizen who is suffering from poverty and need since the end of 2014 until now. The author of the article is confused about the inability of the port of Aden to handle food and consumer goods and relief shipments and said that the port of Aden only used for transit trade to the ports of neighboring countries , here the question arises if the port is able to serve the trade and transit activity to the ports of neighboring countries, how it can not handle local business, which is much less than the transit activity of the neighboring countries .This is an evidence that the author of the article wanted to contribute for his part in shading the public opinion who is not specialized in the field of marine shipping, which prompted the information department of the port of Aden to respond to the slander while retaining the right to sue the websites that published these fabrications without recourse and inquiry or even thinking about what is written before publication. The activity of transport of goods in containers has become a global rate of more than 70% and therefore the activity of the port of Aden mostly works to service the cargo in containers, since the capacity of the port of Aden accommodate more than one million containers per year. The imports and exports of Yemeni market were at their highest levels in 2014 amounted to about seven hundred thousand containers per year distributed at all sea ports. The port of Hodeidah at that time accounted for only 47% of the total containerized cargo activity, which refutes the author's claim that 73% of the Yemeni market imports enter through the Port of Hodeidah. On the contrary, the legitimate government has its plans to raise the handling and operational capacity of the port of Hodeidah, which will be implemented once the port and city are cleared of the forces of the terrorist coup, which will improve the performance of the port of Hodeidah and increase its service and productivity and reach the ranks of international ports in order to parallel its potentials with the port of Aden. The writer of the article talks about corruption and bureaucracy, which claims to be in the port of Aden as if the writer conveys the working method and approach of the evil terrorist coup groups in the administration of the port of Hodeidah and drops what he sees on the port of Aden. Aden Container Terminal is managed by free market areas law that eliminate bureaucracy, and replaced book transactions with electronic transactions of global practice, which is not understood by the author of the article. The author of the article on the comparison of transport costs, claimed that the cost of transport to the port of Aden exceeds the cost compared to other ports in the Republic of Yemen and here is another clarification of the unawareness of the author of the article on maritime trade and does not know anything about the port of Aden which is located on international shipping line and is capable of serving giant ships that exceeds 14 meters in draft and the only port in the Republic of Yemen capable of serving fifth and sixth generation ships and thus means faster service and lower cost. The Port of Aden is not in the process of making comparisons between the port and other local ports. On the contrary, the port of Aden is an economic and national tributary for all Yemenis and will continue to support all national ports and ports administrations.

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