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WFP Ports Expert Visits YGAPC Marine Department

April 18, 2018

Mr. Chris Clark, WFP Ports expert, has visited the General Department of Marine Operations on Tuesday 17/4/2018 where he met the Harbour Master, Capt. / Shakib Abdul Wahed, the Director of the Department and his assistants. Captain Shakib explained to the expert the procedures of ships entry to the port and the services provided by the Department. The expert also visited the control office and listened to captain / Hani Abdul-Muti Hassan, the port officer assistant for the control tower affairs, who clarified the shortage in the navigational equipments necessary for the tower. The Executive Chairman of the Corporation - the Chairman of the Board has assigned his deputy ?Eng. / Abdulrab Al-Khulaqi to accompany the expert and ensure that he receives all the information needed in recognition of the organization's humanitarian work.

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