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Cargo owners bearing the costs of current container congestion

  Will Waters | Monday, 07 December 2020 While shippers blame the ‘unwarranted power to the big three shipping alliances’, Drewry highlights multiple factors, including tight c ...

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January 18, 2021

The container ship "Kiel Trader" arrives at the Port of Ma'alla

Today morning, Monday, January 18, 2021, the container ship "Kiel Trader" has arrived at Ma'alla Port to discharge 958 containers. ...

January 14, 2021

His Excellency the Minister of Transport and YGAPC Executive Chairman Reviewed the Activities of Ma'alla Port

The Excutive Chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, received his Excellency the Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdul Salam Ha ...

January 10, 2021

Amzerbah Meets YASPC Executive Chairman

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, met today, Sunday, January 10, ...

ship traffic

Ship NameG R TShip TypeBerth NoAgentArrived DateBerthed DateSailed Dates
BEST TRADER M26966General CargoFALCON SHIPPINGJanuary 5, 2021(not set)(not set)
INCE BEYLERBEYI34795Bulk CarrierMIDDLE EAST SHIPPING CO. LTD.January 5, 2021(not set)(not set)
THOR COURAGE32415Bulk CarrierAGT-1MIDDLE EAST SHIPPING CO. LTD.January 5, 2021January 5, 2021January 8, 2021

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