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The arrival of twelve trailers to Aden Container Terminal

October 31, 2017

In line with the modernization and development plans for Aden Container Terminal Equipment and Machinery,  Aden Ports Development Company has received on 30/10/2017, 12 Kalmar trailers with modern and international specifications capable of carrying two containers with a total load of 85 tons. In his statement, Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzarbah, the Chairman of YGAPC clarified that the leadership of the port has been able, with the efforts of its dedicated staff, to turn words into deeds by the arrival of the second batch of container terminal equipment, which was preceded by the arrival of Reach Stackers with a maximum load of up to 50 tons,"  "There are still many equipment expected to arrive at the beginning of next year, a generator for the electric power station at the container terminal as well as a gantry crane with  modern specifications to keep pace with marine industry services developments, bringing the number of gantry cranes to eight cranes.  Amzarbah stressed that the management of the port is pursuing a policy of silence and let achievements speak about port management performance. The Executive Chairman received  the new equipments which arrived on the ship MSC CLEMENTINA, together with the Deputy General Manager of the terminal, Mr. Fadel Hujaily and directors of departments at the container terminal. With the arrival of those twelve trailers, the equipment fleet rises in the container terminal to thirty trailers, ready and able to serve all types and sizes of containers

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