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The Governor of Aden visits Ma'alla Wharves

November 17, 2020

This morning, Tuesday, 17/11/2020, Mr. / Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, the Governor of Aden Governorate, visited Ma'alla Wharves, and he was received there by the Executive Chairman of YGAPC, Dr. Mohamad Alawi Amzerbah.

The Governor, together with the Chairman of the Corporation, received the ship "THORCO LOGIC" carrying the towers for the project of building the electrical station on board, which is being implemented by Petromasila Company with government funding.  The towers for the project, were built by the Dishi (Shandong) Chinese Co. for Industrial Technology

The shipment contains towers and equipment with a total weight of (995) tons, as the project will transmit the energy that will be generated by the new Aden power plant, which is (264 megawatts) as a first stage to take advantage of the generated energy and deliver electricity services to all areas in the city of Aden and its neighboring governorates.

The Executive Chairman of the Corporation briefed the Governor of Aden Governorate about the ongoing activities at the port, loading and unloading of ships, as well as the services and facilities provided by the port to its customers.

It is worth noting that  YGAPC has provided great facilities to ensure the success of this strategic project, as it facilitated the entry of all ships that transported the components of this terminal.

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