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Discussion Prior to the Use of Ma'alla Container Terminal

December 16, 2020

In a meeting called by the Management of the Port of Aden presented by the agents of the Shipping lines, the meeting was Chaired by Dr. Muhammed Alwi Emzarbah the Port of Aden Chairman, Eng. Abdulrab, deputy of the Chairman, Mr. Aref Alshabi, General Manager of Aden container terminal, Captain Shafea Hariri, General Manager of Malla Wharves Captain Ahmed Bishi, the Port’s Master Harbor, and the operation team of both MCT and ACT.  
The meeting was commenced by welcoming Dr. Emzarbah, the attendees from the representatives of the shipping lines valuing their contribution at the Port of Aden as effective contributors and real partners, whereas Dr. Emzarbah has presented the port’s understanding of the difficulties and challenges that the ship operators are facing and the measures the Port Management has taken towards pushing ahead for improving the Ports performance and reducing the congestion at ACT through the rehabilitation of the whole Ports facilities where the rehabilitation of MCT comes on top of them after a long stoppage of the regular use of MCT that is for around a nine years.  
Dr. Emzarbah has revealed the development of the discussions with Maersk line the Danish shipping line, and the lines intension for being the first line to use the offers given at MCT, however Maersk intension for being the first line use MCT facility whereas Maersk line was one the major players at MCT and have being tied with a profound business relationship.  
Dr. Emzarbah has encouraged the other liners to follow Maersk line in transferring part of their business volume to MCT, contributing on the reduction of the burden of the long waiting time for getting their ships at ACT berth, and minimizing the pressure on ACT which will positively reflected on the reduction of the freight charges.   
Dr. Emzarbah has also declared the readiness of MCT equipment and electrical generators for feeding the whole terminal activities, however this comes with the  supply of MCT with a new Reach Stacker and new forklifts have been given a gift from the World Food Program to the Port of Aden to support the Ports operation and activities.  
The shipping lines agents have also valued the role of the Port of Aden and its leadership for the support given to the shipping lines and they have committed to convey the discussed topic with the answers of the shipping lines concern and quires related to the use of MCT, and to follow Maersk line the main and the top carrier with the global business share of around 30% of the containerized sea-trade.   

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