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Amzerbah Meets YASPC Executive Chairman

January 10, 2021

The Executive Chairman of YGAPC - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerbah, met today, Sunday, January 10, 2021, in his office at the Corporation's Head Office, Eng. Salem Ali Basameer, the Executive Chairman of  Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation. At the beginning of the friendly meeting, the Executive Chairman of the Corporation welcomed Engineer / Basameer and his companions and reviewed the most prominent activities and services provided by the Port of Aden in addition to the projects that the corporation has implemented in its various facilities to activate the port's activities. Since the two parties manage the two most important Ports in the Republic of Yemen, they discussed ways to strengthen the institutional and complementary relations between the two Corporations, as well as the exchange of experiences between them.
The meeting was attended by Mr. / Jehad Hassan, Director General of Wharves, and Mr. / Fadi Abdullah, Director of Procurement at  Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation.

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