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A delegation from the Port of Aden visits the marine simulators of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

September 13, 2021

The leadership of YGAPC, represented by Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerba, seeks to continuously rehabilitate and develop the capabilities of the corporation’s staff in general, marine pilots and traffic supervisors in the control tower in particular, through continuous communication with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. The Corporation has a strong relationship with the Academy for many years, as the Ports Corporation received an invitation from the Academy to attend to find out what's new has been introduced into its marine simulators. Representatives from the Port of Aden have attended, Capt. / Shakeeb Mohammad Abdul Wahed, Director General of Maritime Operations (port officer) and Capt. / Ahmed Muhammad Al-Bishi, Deputy Director General of Maritime Operations. They listened to a detailed explanation of what the academy had done in introducing electronic map programs into the simulator of the Port of Aden, which include navigational channels and berths. This will contribute to giving courses for marine pilots in the practical process of handling large-sized ships in the simulator room. Empowering them with high skills in addition to their expertise in the field of marine pilotage, as well as learning about other courses which can be useful for traffic supervisors in the control tower of the port of Aden with regard to the VTS system to be up-to-date of recent developments in the navigational devices, which will greatly raise their capabilities in dealing with them, especially that the leadership of the Corporation in the process of installing the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) ) in the control tower, through which all the ships traffic are managed and monitored in the port, and this enhances the safety of ships navigation in the Port.  After an extensive discussion of the requirements for the courses, some valuable notes were made by the delegation to be added among the scenarios while the Corporation's staff received practical courses so that they could be benefited from.

The system for introducing the Port of Aden program in the simulator came after continuous communication with those in charge of the simulator, where captain / Hani Abdul Moti, the assistant captain of the Port for traffic affairs in the control tower, had provided the required and necessary information that helped in the introduction of this system. The delegation also conveyed the thanks and appreciation of the leadership of the Corporation represented by Dr. Amzerba to the Academy for their concern in including the Port of Aden in this system along with other international ports in the Academy's simulator system.

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