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August 13, 2020

Country + City code: 00967 2 ######  

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Company Name Contact Name Phone Fax Mail
Taleb Abdulla Taleb Co. Taleb Abdulla Taleb 771402345 - -
Shat Al-Arab Shipping Co. Amar Saif Ali Abdulla - - -
Almarsa Stevedoring Company Wael Ahmd Saleh Muthana  733559448 967-733559448 -
Wasfi Maatouq for Stevedoring Wasfi Maatouq 733851516 - -
Almehdi Company for Shipping Services Safwan Anwar Hamed  248446 967-2-248447 -
Attwahi Co. for Stevedoring Amr Mohamed Abdo Wael 771793296 - attawhicompany@gmail.com
Al-Dyar Al-Aamra Stevedoring Co. Sulaiman Naser Al-Zaamki 717030151 - -
Universal Shipping Co.  Fikri Mohamad 734517417 - qadhafi.altaher@dhi.com
Twakol Stevedoring Co.  Ramzi Abdulgabar Mohamad 201175 201597 twakolyem@yemen.net.ye

Alesayi Shipping Company 

Loading & Unloading LTD

Ali Hussain Mohamed Alesayi 737804042 329934 Alesayi.co.ltd@gmail.com

Latest News

October 13, 2021
The completion of a training course in the field of seamanship at the Maritime Training Center

Under the patronage of Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzerba, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC,  a training course in the field of seaman ...

September 29, 2021
The Minister of Transport and the Governor of Aden on a visit to Aden Container Terminal

His Excellency the  Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdulsalam Hamid, accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Hamid Lamlas, the Governor of Ad ...

September 18, 2021
YGAPC Chairman Dr. Mohamed Amzerba Meets UNDP Yemen Res Rep Auke Lootsma

Dr. Muhammad Alawi Amzerba, Executive Chairman of YGAPC, met in his office today 18 September Mr. Auke Lootsma, the Resident Repre ...