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Marine Services

Services Provided through Port Officer's Department – Marine Department –

Basic Services :
1- Pilotage Services
2- Towage Services
3- Ship Mooring/Unmooring
4- Rescue, Towage & Firefighting Services
5- Port Control Office Services
6- Transporting Crew, Passengers & Spare Parts to ships
7- Bunkering & Fresh Water supply services
8- Ship's Port Clearance

Shipping Licenses Granting Services :

1-Marine Craft Operation license
2- Hot Work Permit
3- Tug Master’s License

Latest News

September 16, 2020
Aden port sees strong growth in seaborne trade

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September 6, 2020
Dr. Mohammed Amzerba inaugurates the new port website

YGAPC Port of Aden Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board Dr. Mohamed Alawi Amzraba inaugurated in a special ceremony at Mar ...

September 2, 2020
The Executive Chairman directs the final signing for the purchase of a modern tugboat

Dr. Mohammad Alawi Amzarbah - Executive Chairman of YGAPC - Chairman of the Board of Directors has directed to expedite the execut ...