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August 14, 2014
High-level Chinese Delegation Visits the Port of Aden

headed by the Economic Advisor of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Mr. / Chen Lin and executive vice president of the Chinese company for ports engineering (CHEC) which will implement the project of ...

August 5, 2014
The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Visits ACT

to Aden Container Terminal,where they were received by the leadership of the Corporation represented by Captain / Abdullah Ibrahim Abkar Alnagri Executive Chairman- Chairman of the Board of Directors ...

June 19, 2014
The First Deputy Chairman of YGAPC restores movement and activity to the Technical Department

where he was briefed on the maintenance work carried out for the machines, boats and listened to the engineers and workers who are responsible for the maintenance of the tug "Wadi Hateeb" an ...

June 10, 2014
The First Deputy Chairman meets the General Managers of YGAPC

The First Deputy of the Corporation Stressed during the meeting, the importance of activating the role of administrative control in the departments of the Corporation, he also discussed a number of i ...

June 10, 2014
A Training program on wages system, salary settlements and job description

Mr./ A’mer Al-Zouari, the First Deputy Chairman of the Corporation has attended the opening of the course and delivered a speech in which he explained the art of management and its importance in mana ...

May 25, 2014
The Port of Aden receives the largest container ship of 335 meters length

The length of the ship is 335 meters with a handling capacity of 8452 TEUs and is among the largest and newest ships of the Taiwanese shipping line EVERGREEN , which entered service in 2013. The ship ...

May 22, 2014
The Kuwaiti Consul visits the Port of Aden

represented by the First Deputy Chairman, Mr. A’mer Al-Zouari, Eng / Abdullah Fudhail, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Mohammed Alawi Omzarbah, Deputy Chairman for Administrative Affairs, C ...

May 20, 2014
The First Deputy of YGAPC Visits the Technical, Marine, Ma’alla wharves Depts. and listens to the workers suggestions and concerns

He was briefed on the technical workshop components by the Managers , technicians and workers who gave him a detailed explanation about the workshop and its equipments and the nature of business carr ...

May 20, 2014
First Deputy of YGAPC urges participants in the " Archiving and Electronic Management " course to consider modern administrative techniques

which is part of the “ 2014 training plan program” for YGAPC in the presence of the General Manager of the Training Center Captain/ Adel Shamsan and the Deputy General Managers of the Center Mr.Af ...

May 8, 2014
The First Deputy Chairman of YGAPC meets the General Chinese Consul in Aden

The Chinese Consul presented his congratulations for the assignment of the First Deputy Chairman, then discussed the relations of cooperation between the two sides , as well as the aspects of the prob ...

May 3, 2014
The Minister of Transport inaugurates the shipping line COSCO at the Container Terminal in Aden

At his word , the Minister of Transport considered that the return of the shipping line / Cosco / represents a great importance to the partnership between the Ministry and the private sector .. stre ...

April 28, 2014
Inauguration of the Transit Shipping Line “EVERGREEN” at the Port of Aden

This inauguration ceremony was attended by a number of officials at YGAPC, headed by Eng./ Abdullah Mohammed Fudhail Deputy Chairman at YGAPC and Eng. / Mohamed Abdul-wasa Mohamed, the GM of Aden Comp ...

March 24, 2014
The leadership of the Corporation meets representative of the Chinese International Shipping Line “COSCO”

- West Asia - regional offices". The meeting discussed the activity of the shipping line and its wish to transfer containers to and from the Port of Aden again .The two sides reviewed in the meet ...

March 20, 2014
The Minister of Transport signs an agreement for the establishment of a branch of the Academy in Aden

The agreement which was signed by the Minister of Transport, Dr. Waed Badeeb and the Head of the Academy, Dr. Ismail Abdul Ghafar Ismail stated the establishment of a branch of the Academy in Aden in ...

March 17, 2014
The signing of a partnership agreement for staff training between the Corporation and Ports Institute of the Arab Academy

by captain / Sami Saeed Farea, the Executive Chairman- Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC and Dr./ Akram Suleiman, Director of the Arab Academy. The agreement aims at providing the necessar ...

March 12, 2014
The Chairman of YGAPC receives an honorary shield for (Marloj 3) Conference

The Chairman of YGAPC receives an honorary shield for (Marloj 3) ConferenceCaptain Sami Saeed Farea Executive Chairman - Chairman of the Board of Directors of YGAPC has received an honorary shield by ...

March 9, 2014
To complete discussions on establishing a Maritime Academy in Aden, the Executive Chairman of YGAPC heads to Alexandria

for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport on establishing an academy in the Governorate of Aden.The Chairman will also participate on the sidelines of this visit at the International Conferenc ...

March 5, 2014
The Chinese "Exim" Bank and the Contractor "CHEC" visit the Port of Aden

with a high-level Yemeni delegation accompanying him , which included Dr./ Waed Badeeb Minister of Transport , and the signing of the contract of Aden Container Terminal Development project and the ex ...

March 2, 2014
The Consulting team IOS Partners visits YGAPC

, the airport and the free zone in the framework of the development of the Governorate of Aden , has paid a visit on Sunday morning, March 2, 2014 to the Head Quarters of the Corporation and was rec ...